Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Morning Bimble

Had a bit of a bimble this morning up the lane at the end of the road, was only gone for around ninety minutes or so but really enjoyed my time out, i found loads of wild edibles, both in season and out - wont be long before the blackberries are ripe, although saying that i did find some that were very early, have to say there very nice though. i made a short video of the walk and put it up on my You Tube channel http/, you will see in the video some of the edibles i found as well as some of the fauna that was in abundance. 


While i was there i also took the opportunity to make another video on how to make a very simple whistle in the woods, as i had a number of people contact me through YouTube and BCUSA saying they couldn't get a previous and admitedly more complicated version i had posted a video on to work, the video showing how to make the simplified version can be found here http/