Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Another trip to the woods

Took the two boys back up to our private woodland today, had a great time, loads of laughs and got quite a few video's made,  check out my You Tube channel to see them

Some of the projects we got round to were making a Father & Son Bow for Iz of Turley knives in the US, practiced the flint & steel and the Fire Piston, made a mallet and did a review of NW Woodsman Bucksaw, we also decided it was time to gather some more firewood for the firewood stock as it was starting to get a little low, so having located a fallen birch tree we chopped it up and dragged it back to camp, four of the pieces we cut fairly long as a surround to go around the fire the other were sawn into pieces around 18 inches long to go on the fire when we do our next overnighter, which all being well is going to be next week.


While we were there we took the opportunity to cut down a couple of dead branches that were fairly close to camp, these were well seasoned oak and will provide for some decent cooking coals and long term fire int he near future.