Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Went up the lane at the end of the road today witht he good intention of harvesting a load of blackberries, unfortunately when we (the boys & I) got up there, we didnt find as many as we had hoped we would, with many of the fruits still being green, there were a few that are just beginning to turn and but a mere handful or two that we could actually forage. 

I guess we were just that little bit too early, still it's not far to go later in the week/early next week to have another go, we did manage to get just enough to bring back home to cook up into a nice blackberry & apple pie. 

Having failed dismally in our quest for wild fruits, we sat in the hay field and watched as the farmer tuned the hay, all being well he will be up there tomorrow bailing it all up, if he does, then no doubt the boys will want to go and watch, as the bailing machine is incredible, it picks up, bails and wraps the bail in black plastic all in one foul swoop, nothing like the ones that used to operate on the farm where my grandfather used to work all those years ago, i think he would be impressed with the engineering behind it.

Having watched the farmer, we made a few video's, two are for the family only, the third was on how to make feather sticks and can be viewed on my YouTube channel http/www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcwNfJifE0I or in the video's section of this website, i also shot some footage for use as an intro to my videos, i have, for a long time, not been a fan of long winded intro's on YT footage, but having been urged to give it a go, and having partaken in a discussion on the subject on BCUSA, i thought why not try it, so i made a couple of intro's up using footage i had at home already, pretty low quality stuff, so today we shot some high quality footage, footage that is, not content - lol, got back home transferred it to the computer and used it on the feather stick video, i must admit, im warming to the idea, but im still not 100% convinced to be honest - time will tell if i stick with it or not.