Friday, 25 September 2009

Turley Black Water Knife Review - July 2009

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Whilst we were in the woods and having made the wood store and got the woods tidied up a bit, i made a short video review of the Turley Blackwater River knife i received as a prize in a competition run on Bushcraft USA, the knife although a little odd in shape for normal British tastes, is an absolute dream to use.

Until now i have never owned a knife with a convex grind on it, having followed the pack and used scandi grinds, i can quite honestly say that after using this knife for a while now, that the convex grind has found a new follower, in my view it's easier to sharpen, it's easier to use, i find feather sticks easier with the convex as opposed to a scandi, although due to the shape of this knife, it's not best suited to fine carving, but as soon as i can i will get Iz at Turley to make me a knife to fit the bill, he already has my design, don't get me wrong i will still use a scandi knife, but when camping out I find the Turley is the better camp knife.

To view the video i made on the knife, click on the below link