Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Mors Kochanski - Try Stick

Don't know if anyone else makes Try Sticks, they are much talked about by Mors Kochanski, and are a great way to practice your carving skills as it allows you practice making a multitude of different cuts on a single piece of wood, it's also a great way to test out a new knife as you use all parts of the blade and use probably near all the cuts and carving techniques like slicing, concave cuts, planing cuts, edge beveling, bark removing - you get the idea, that you are ever going to use in normal sharfting circumstances.

Whilst waiting for the water board to come out following a minor disaster this morning, i grabbed a piece of hazel of approx 3/4 inch diameter and my Stewart Marsh and set to work, this took me about 90 minutes or so on and off to make as i was running between a flooded garden, the water board and the stick.

The Try Stick, showing side and top views.

More details here in a later blog entry Try Stick Part 2