Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Mors Try Stick

Was playing with my new toy from JLT Knives and decided to test the effectiveness of the convex blade by carving a try stick, i knew it would do it, as I've done try sticks with my Turley and that is no where as fine in the tip as this JLT is.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Ouch - Not For The Faint Hearted

Some of you know and some of you have noticed that 11 days ago i had a small "incident" with a 1" Sloyd knife whilst doing some carving, this resulted in me taking the side of my index finger off in one clean swoop, and i do mean completely off, as i later picked it up off the shed floor, i first thought it was a slice of wood then realised wood is not that spongy

Didn't bother going to hospital as there is nothing they could have done anyway, my Tetanus is up to date, so all they would have done is patch it up and send me away, well i can patch it up at home just as well and thankfully the old dear was around and she is a trained nurse, plus the tip i cut off was dead and couldn't have been reattached even if i had wanted it to, so got the bleeding under control and then got it all dressed up nice and secure.

Well 11 days and a bit of a clean up later, this is what it looks like, it's healed up really well, the lower part near the knuckle was not as bad as we first thought and was mostly blood staining and not a cut/slice as we had first thought - phew, more of a fillet of wafer thin skin.

Despite what it looks like the wound is completely dry and not even sore, until you knock it, then it smarts a bit,  it's not the first time I've done myself a mischief and it wont be the last I'm sure, so remember kids, when carving, do as i say and not as i do and keep your bloody (literally) fingers out of the way of sharp things.