Sunday, 9 May 2010

Berry Picker

Was at a loose end today, weather is pretty yucky and i wanted something to do prior to the start of the Formula 1 on the TV, so i thought id make myself a berry picker,

Started off with ring of hazel that i cut from a round i had hollowed out and drilled sixteen 1/8" holes around it's perimiter, then i placed the ring over a base piece and marked the hole positions and drilled them out, once this was done, i inserted sixteen bamboo skewers into the base and then slid the ring down the skewers, i didnt match up the holes exactly as i wanted the skewers to spiral slightly to add some rigidity in the form of friction to the assembly, once i was happy with everything, i glued the skewers in place and trimmed the tops down to the same length all the way round and rounded them off with some abrasive paper.

Base, drilled and skewers inserted

View down the inside, showing slight spiral

and the completed berry picker

all i have to do now is wait until autumn when there are some berries around to collect:D