Sunday, 17 October 2010

Hand Powered Lathe

Per the title, it's a hand powered lathe, I've wanted a wood lathe for a long long time, but have had nowhere to put one, but sitting out in the garden on my shave horse the other day, i came upon a cunning plan, and that was to make a hand powered lathe that i could attach to the shave horse.

This is what i came up with

It's made from junk, the bed is a lump of old timber that was behind the shed, the posts are from an old garden border edging roll and the centres are made from a bolt and a long screw, both of which have had the ends filed down so they are smooth, motive power is via the cord pictured which is attached to a hazel rod in much the same fashion you would use with a pole lathe.
Total cost = £ 0.00

This is a picture of the lathe attached to my shave horse, it attached and detaches very very quickly, as it's held in place by a couple of G Clamps.

And it works brilliantly, and despite what you might think, it's not that tiring to use at all, bonus is, it's totally portable.

I have to thank TreeWright for the inspiration to make this, see his blog here , i got the idea (not a new one i know) after watching his You Tube video on the Bow Lathe and just adapted the idea (an age old one i hasten to add) from using a bow to provide the power to using a mix of human and pole lathe technology to provide the power.