Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hultafors HVK Knife - Can I Break It?

A good friend and i have long been discussing testing a Hultafors HVK knife to the max, the agreement being that i try and destroy the knife and he will send me a new one from Norway to compensate for the loss of tool.

So what we did, rather than go through a series of tests that are not from the real world as you will see on a well known You Tube channel was to gather suggestions from a number of different people on the forum, by asking members to suggest "real world" tests that we could put the knife through, the tests we agreed upon were :

  • Make fuzz sticks before and after the tests
  • Drill wood with the tip
  • Prying wood
  • Digging (earth)
  • Battoning knotted hardwood's
  • Take down a small tree with it
  • Opening metal food containers
  • How much damage a ferro rod could do to cutting edge
  • Cutting wire
  • Bone cutting? The small kind, as one would expect to encounter 95% of the time.
  • Pound it tip-first into a tree (spine upright and sideways) at ankle height and step on it
  • Make fuzz sticks before and after the tests

    The results of the test can been seen in the following video series;

    All i will say is about the knife here, is i was mightily impressed by it, you will have to watch the video's to see how it performed in each test, so go grab a cuppa and a biccie, make yourself comfortable and enjoy.