Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Belt Hangers & Ferro Rods

Continuing the leather working theme, i recently made a few belt hangers, these i use with my ferro rods, I've never seen the point or advantage of having a ferro rod on a sheath, this is just a personal view i might add.

OK, in the beginning the ferro rod when nice and new fits snug in it's holder on the side of the sheath, but after a bit of use, the diameter of the ferro rod obviously decreases and it's only ever going to get thinner with use, meaning that after a short period of time, it's going to be loose in the holder on a sheath, I've seen people use ranger bands and all manner of different things to keep a loose ferro rod in it's holder, so by my reckoning, if this is going to happen, why bother having that style of holder?, apart from the fact that in the "world of survival" i would want my knife and ferro rod separate anyway, just in case i lost one or the other of them, if they are on a sheath together, you loose both.

So, i suspend my ferro rod from a separate leather hanger as shown above, meaning that it's kept separate from my knife and therefore if, i should loose my knife, i still have a ferro rod on my person and i can use a piece of glass or flint if need to be to strike it in order to make a fire, that's my reasoning anyway, i don't bemoan those who like to keep a ferro on their sheaths and hell, i even make sheaths with ferro rod holders built into them and used to use them myself all the time, but, these days,  it's just not for me.