Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day Bimble

We decided today that after the excess's of Christmas day, we would go on our traditional Boxing Day walk, it's only a few miles, but it serves to clear the mind, gets some fresh air in the lungs and get the blood pumping, so after lunch today, eldest and I set off on the walk round, where we walk is the South Downs National Park, helpfully the boundary between normal ground and National Park is the garden wall, in fact we are surrounded on three sides by the Park, lovely.

We had a slow walk up to the top of the hill and i was surprised to still see snow up there, albeit only on the hill tops, but there it was, just like icing sugar that's been sprinkled over a cake

We kept walking and soon found that the path was a little tricky, a blanket of solid ice covered it in it's entirety, we eventually got round to the back of the hill, where we met the local Beef cattle, Dr Doolittle I'm not I'm afraid.

It's great to see livestock around here again for quite a few decades it's been all cereal farming, ie a monoculture, now the local farm, whom i applaud whole heartedly, have reintroduced rotation to the land, and you can see the fields change from sheep to cattle to mangoldwurzels to maize and back to grass and livestock, the farm has also spent a small fortune in reducing the size of some of the fields by reintroducing fence lines, which will eventually become hedges again (i hope),  many of the hedges were ripped out many years ago to make bigger and bigger fields to increase the grain yields by the use of ever bigger machinery, some of which was so big it would never have turned round in some of the fields as they were.

Still, at least the farm is doing the right thing, all we have to do now is to get the local sheeple to butt out and leave things they don't understand alone, oh and keeping their dogs on a lead in a field full of sheep would be a start as well, i just hope one day the farmer gets to make an example of someones beloved pet by shooting it with a 12 bore, because it was attacking or worrying the sheep, would serve these damned people right.

Anyway, i digress, so we kept on walking and were now on the homeward journey, having passed the furthest most point of the bimble by the cattle, heading back south now we were walking towards the setting sun and ever lowering temperatures, all of sudden you could feel the temperature drop by a few degrees,.

We reached a point where the farm has been doing some drastic hedge work, believe me, it needed it, i don't know who had done the tree work, but, the stumps were at least 3ft in height and were more akin to pollarding, than hedge maintenance, not to mention the number of "barbers chairs" that were left there, dreading what we might find, we were pleasantly surprised to find that someone, at last, had seen the mess and all of the high stumps have now been reduced to a more sensible height, and all of the off cuts are stacked up nice and neat, now I'm not a Tree Surgeon, but i know through personal experience, what height the stumps should have been left at and how the cuts should have been made to avoid the "damage", i that is the right word to use?, however now it's been tidied up by someone who it would seem know what they are doing ,it looks 1000 times better than it did, sure at the moment the area looks like a war zone, but come the spring when the new growth comes through, the regeneration up there will be incredible, and now the mess has been attended to, i don't think it looks too bad up there, unfortunately, I've already heard the short sighted sheeple complaining about it, no vision some people, you have to look to the future, not what it looks like in the middle of the coldest winters since records began - pillocks, i digressed again didn't i?

So after walking down through the hedging regeneration project, we figured it was time to head home, especially as it was starting to get dark


Might go out again tomorrow for another wander, might walk over the top of the hill for a few miles, still time and energy levels will tell.