Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Builders - ARGH

Went to do some Wood Pigeon shooting today, only in the back garden as we get quite a of few of them come in from the surrounding countryside looking for a free feed, especially in the cooler months, when we and some of the neighbours have seed and feed out for the wild birds to help them through the Winter, not only do we help to keep the Blue Tits, Robin, Blackbirds and Finches fed, but a bonus is attracting the Woodies into the garden, so they can feed us.

So there i was, perched in my snipers spot (top window up stairs), waiting nice and patiently for my quarry to come into the garden, so i waited, and i waited, Pigeons to be seen in next doors garden on both sides of the house, but i couldn't take a shot, as it would be illegal to do so, the birds were well within range of my HW97, but just not on my property.

So i wait some more, then one comes into the garden and perches on the fence, eventually if comes down onto the grass, i get the shot lined up perfectly, the cross hairs in my scope smack bang on the white collar of the Woodie, just at the base of it's neck, then .....


the damned builders next door but one, drop a plank or something and frighten the bird away - ARGH, guess it's chicken for dinner tonight then.