Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Dog Owners

Whilst i dont own a dog, i do like dogs, what i dont like is dog owners, ok, perhaps that's a bit strong, what i dont like are the dog owners who seem to feel that just because they are out in the countryside, they dont have to clear up after their pets have had a dump!.

Well the same rules apply in the countryside as they do in town im afraid, at the very least get a stick and knock the turd into the hedge rather than leave it in the middle of the path, or as im seeing more and more these days, suspending the turds in plastic bags off of fence lines or trees, like some archaic form of offering to the dog turd god, you want to keep an animal as a pet, then it's your responsibility to clear up it's mess after it's had a dump, just because you are in the countryside doesnt mean your responsibility has ended.

Is it too much to ask that your dog has a dump off the path and that you make some sort of effort to remove the offending article, rather than leave a huge steaming pile, smack bang in the middle of the path?.