Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Ferro Rods

I tend to find that the handles/grips on commercially available Ferro rods, such as the Light My Fire models, are a little small for my canoe paddle like hands, as i had four ferro rod blanks just sitting around,  i decided to turn some handles for them on the hand lathe.

First one is made from Ash, and suits my hand perfectly


Since i originally made this, i have modified it slightly by adding one of the Victorinox quick release key rings to the top of the handle, i drilled a 9mm hole in the handle and epoxied one half of the quick release clip in place, it was a mod well worth making, as i can now carry the ferro on a key ring, or neck carry as I'm currently doing. 

While i had the lathe going, i also turned a few more from Elm, i still have these.,bar the one on the far left that i sent to someone, who i thought was a mate, in the USA.

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