Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Internet Guru's.

Ive only gone and done it again, what's that?, i hear you ask, well i have a penchant for upsetting the forum guru's and mostie posties it would seem, i know one thing for sure though, it's great fun exposing these wannbe's, neverwillbe's and neverhasbeen's for what they truly are.

So, what did i do this time?, well let me tell you, on one of the forums I'm a member of, there is this one chap who apparently has more knowledge than every other person on the planet combined, yep a real life forum guru and definitely a legend in his own lunchtime, he's one of those chaps, that pertains to have done whatever it is you have done, but he has done it for longer and  he has done it better than you ever could have, now bear in mind your academic or professional qualifications have no meaning whatsoever, because like i say, he is the be all and end all of every single topic of discussion.

A case in point recently was a thread on knife & axe throwing at targets, in he wades with all seeing and all knowing persona, starts shouting the odds about how  he used to do this and used to do that and what equipment he used, of course the equipment he uses is the best money can buy and way way out of your price range, i have come to the conclusion that the guru's you find on the forums must be millionaires, as the amount of money they spend on equipment is way beyond the likes of you and i and our "average" incomes, it's a damned shame that most of the equipment they "own" never gets used, oh that would be because they don't actually own it in real life.

Now, the guru I'm speaking about, as mentioned above was shouting the odds, and commenting on some of the photographs people had posted showing their targets and for want of a better term "groupings", so yep, he's there dishing out all this guru wisdom on how to throw better etc, then I said "show us your target groupings then, if you are as good as you say you are, prove it and put your money where your overworked mouth is", ummm, funny thing is the guru didn't post a further single solitary word in that particular thread, nor did he post up anything in reply in another thread on target rifle shooting,  when he was telling, some quite experienced guys how to shoot, yet when he got called out and asked to prove he had done what he was pertaining to have have done, he shut right up and didn't respond other than with a load of  "you hurt my feelings" , "what I'm telling you is true" and "how dare you question my authority on this subject", type of defensive rubbish.

Oh yes, while I'm at it, have you noticed how the guru's always make a big thing about going on hunting trips and/or weekend trips with the boys and never, ever, post up a single photograph of their trip out, yet, they will do a write up and say, "we shot twelve deer and three hogs", but no photographs to prove the facts?.

Most hunters i know will always take a photograph of a successful hunt and are more than willing to share their success with their fellow forumites, but if you post up a picture of a trip out or a successful hunt, the guru's are one of the first to "chip in" with advice on how you could have done it better, my answer to these comments is "really, so why don't you show me some of your kills and pictures from your trips out, so i can learn from someone who is obviously more skilled than I?", the reason they wont or indeed cant, is simple my friends, they cant or wont do it, because it never happened.

I find it funny that these people have to lie and they do lie, about what they have supposedly done in their lives, what they don't seem to realise is that the general populous on a forum can see right through them and can detect their BS from forty paces and in reality all these guru's are doing, is making fools of themselves, sometimes real big fools of themselves and giving everyone else on the forum a great laugh and hours of free entertainment.

Long Live The Forum Guru.

[/Rant off]