Sunday, 12 December 2010


What is it about netting?, i mean, it's basically just the art  of tying knots isnt it?,  or is it?, believe me there is so much more to it, ive been lucky enough to watch some experts making and repairing nets and it's mind blowing, i have no chance in hell of keeping up with them or being anywhere near as good as they are.

Whatever it is about netting, i know it's addictive, even making the netting needles and the gage's is addictive, i suppose in the past month ive made half a dozen nets, purse nets, small net hammocks for storing childrens soft toys, right down to nets that will be used in variations of the old Cribbet trap for birds, not forgetting some smaller nets with a one inch mesh that we have over some precious plants in the garden.

At present im experimenting with different types of cordage products for making nets, obviously what you use to make the net will have a major effect on the strength of the net and what it can be used for, so far ive used 1mm nylon cord that was sold as being for use in the jewellery trade, which has worked brilliantly, although, i did have to modify the knot i use to stop the nylon slipping,  ive used parcel string which worked well, but had a nasty habit of twisting up on itself all the time, then i used some traditional things like jute and good old fishing line.

I think part of the enjoyment of net making is trying different things to make a net from, but not forgetting it's a great skill to have under your belt, not only can you make a net into a bag to carry foraged items back to camp, but there is the more obvious use of fishing nets and traps so you can feed yourself,  it's a skill that is so often over looked, but it's one that gives me a great deal of pleasure.

The biggest reason netting is addictive though, is it's relaxing, you are at one with the net and your thoughts, you end up in your own litle world, your thoughts going in one direction and your hands, as if on auto pilot, making the net, before you know it, a completed net is at your feet.