Monday, 13 December 2010

New Blogger Blog

As of this morning i decided to archive the blog that was integrated into my website and open a Blogger Blog instead, this blog is still accessible from my Bushcraft website though, and i have transferred over all of the entries from the previous blog to this one, so nothing has been lost.

I took the decision to move/open a Blogger account for a couple reasons, one being it gives me greater  visibility and makes the blog easier to find becasue it's indexed, plus my Bushcraft website is hosted on Freewebs and they have just got into keyword advertising in the blog  service they provide, and, well to be honest, it was annoying, you know the type of thing, words highlighted and as soon as your mouse cursor gets within a foot of it, it opens up a pop up within the page for stuff you really don't want or need, and the pop ups being the sort that a pop up blocker cant stop.

I know you cant really complain though, after all it is a free web hosting service and they are a business who are there to make money and the way they do that is by having  integrated advertising, OK, i could purchase a domain from them or upgrade to their premium service, and that would get rid off all the advertising, but at the end of the day it's a hobby website and it's really not that important in the great scheme of things.

Anyway, i set he link in the navigation bar on the website to open the blog in a new tag/page, so if you do click on the blog link from the website, it should, in theory at least, mean the main website is still open, just in a different tab