Monday, 6 December 2010

New Sheaths

Decided it was about time i made myself some new sheaths, not that i need any, but it's always nice to have some new gear, so i came up with these, all made from 3mm veg tan leather, two of them have tooling, the other being plain

As you can see from the pictures they all have dangler loops, i never used to like this particular carry style, but i tried it for a while and it's really grown on me, so much so, that i modified all of my belt sheaths to take a dangler, now i can carry whatever sheath i decide to use, either as a dangler or by removing the adapter as a neck sheath or baldrick style of carry or just by ignoring the brass loop and wearing the sheath in the standard style, i have to admit that the dangler option does make it much easier to put and and remove the sheath.

More info on the sheaths i make can be found on my leather craft website or click on the link in the nav bar above