Friday, 29 May 2009

Overnight Trip May 2009

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Took the boys on what was supposedly a three day trip to the woods back in May, unfortunately we had to cut the trip short for reasons im not going to publish here, anyway before we cut the trip short we had a great time, got the camp set up nice, i was sleeping in my hammock while the two boys shared my Golite Hex 3. 


We decided on this trip that we would forage some of the food that we were going to eat, the plan had been to cater for ourselves on day one with food we bought in and then hunt and forage for food for the second day, needless to say we had back up food with us just in case we were unsuccessful in finding enough food, this back up food was also going to be breakfast & lunch on day three if we didn't manage to find / hunt enough wild foods, in the end we only gathered some nettles, but they were very tasty boiled up and served with our dinner of bacon, sausages, boiled and baked potato and carrots .

While we were there i managed to split my thumb open with the poll of my axe, whilst putting together a seat/bench for the BCUSA monthly project, not the reason we packed up early by the way, guess i will look what im doing next time, the bench turned out alright though and it's still in the woods giving us sterling service.