Friday, 10 December 2010


There was a discussion going on the forums about tinkering with photo's, ie making them sharper, adjusting the colours etc.

I posted up some of my Photoshop'd pictures in the thread concerned, but that is about the only place they are shown, so i figured id put a couple of them here as well for your viewing pleasure.

First one is a combine that was out on the hill behind home cutting the Linseed, i kept the colour on the machine, but changed the background to infrared

next one is of youngests Moose Knife (Moose being a good mate of mine), again, i kept the colour on the knife, but this time changed the back ground to black & white

This one is one of my favourites, it started life as a colour photograph of a newly unfurled Sycamore leaf, i seperated the leaf and adjusted the colours, then changed the back ground to black & white.

This is one of the best, well i think so, started life as a full colour photo of the remaining wall at Bramber Castle (12th Century), i played with the levels, sharpness and curves and then changed it to an Infrared style of image, the result i think is pretty good.

Just goes to show that camera's do lie these days, and with the power of a computer and some clever software, just about anyone can take a mediocre photograph and turn it into something quite stunning, in not a lot of time and without a great deal of skill.

As a general rule though, if im posting pictures to a forum, the only thing i do is to resize the image to 800x600 or 720x540, so it loads nice and fast as it has a much smaller file size, plus for people who don't have wide screen monitors, they can actually get to see the whole image at once without having to scroll over all the time, to be honest, if an image doesn't fit on my screen in it's entirety, i just dont bother with the thread any more, if the poster cannot be bothered to make a bit of effort to make it easy for his/her audience to view the content, then why bother posting it in the first place?, i suppose it's a common theme in this day and age, of people looking after number one and stuff everybody else, whereas in my book, a little bit of effort goes a long way and courtesy towards your fellow man, really doesn't cost anything at all, but I'll leave the rest of that rant for another entry at a later date