Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Made a start with the leather hides i bought, i was going to go for a  trip up the woods to do some tracking, but when i got up, i really couldn't be bothered, so I got a few pouches made up instead, this thin leather is lovely stuff to work with, sometimes the thinner stuff can be a bit a mare to get along with, but this stuff is  just fine and dandy, I got five pouches made today, the two smaller ones i might sell off, the bigger ones though i think I'll keep for me.


All of them bar the one at top right are made from the Bovine leather, the one at top right is made from Pig leather and is most definitely mine, it looks and feels great, it feels very much like Reindeer leather.

The larger flatter one second from the left was a lot of work, the gusset is 24" long and at five stitches per inch, yes all of these pouches are double stitched by hand, no machines here, that makes a grand total of 240 stitches per side or a grand total of 480 stitches for the entire thing, not to mention, every single stitch hole was also hand awled, and people wonder why hand crafted gear is expensive, it's because it's hand crafted and there is a lot of effort involved, not like the cheap junk that comes out of China, still some people these days, just don't get the fact, that it takes time and effort to make something.

I might make a couple more in the style of the larger one, but there again i might not, it's a lot of effort to a get a pouch that doesn't really hold a great deal more than the other cylindrical ones do, but it takes more leather and more time to make, sure it looks nicer, but it's not as practical in terms of resources used.

Ive got a limited amount of the the light brown leather available, OK, i have another side coming as well, so if any one wants a pouch i might be tempted to make some of the cylindrical ones for sale, rough dimensions are 8 inches tall, 3 1/2 inches in diameter, these dimensions are +/- a margin of error to cater for the nature of using a natural product.

If you want one bung me an email.