Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Recommended Reading

I recently got given this book, OK it was a Birthday present, the book is quite simply brilliant, i cant put it down, it's both informative and funny, what's the book about you say?, well the title kind of gives it away i think


Yep, a whole book dedicated to the study of poop, or to give it it's correct name - Scat.

The book is a superb reference on scat ID, OK some of the animals and birds it discusses, i have little chance and in some cases, no chance of seeing in real life, like a T-Rex, but, you can find fossilised T-Rex poop, the book also covers animals and birds that are more common place, like Cattle, Bears, Rats, Seagulls etc, with a few more exotic animals thrown in for good measure, sure i might not see around where i live, but this book is not aimed just at the UK, it covers all areas of the world, including the Oceans, so while i might not find a pile of Lion poop while I'm walking the South Downs, i will find Fox Poop, but should i ever get to Africa again, armed with a little bit of extra knowledge gleaned from this book, i might just  be able to ID some Lion or Rhino scat.

This book, while having a serious side, does have a light hearted side to it as well, such as, did you know the record for throwing a dry cow pat  in 2006 stood at 61m (20ft) for men and 42m (138ft) for women and that Mouse Sh*t is used in Thai cooking, apparently Mouse sh*t is a nickname that's used for Phrik khii nuu chillies, as they are long, thin and small and resemble Mouse poop, the book probably wont appeal to all, and it's no where near as good as some of the scat ID books that are on the market, but i for one think it's a superb read and i challenge anyone not to learn something from it, even the most experienced of poopoligists will glean something from the book I'm sure.

The book is available from Amazon and other retailers for not a lot of pennies, go and get a copy, you wont be disappointed.