Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Small Log To Childrens Toy

Turning an Elm log into a child's toy on the hand powered lathe, before people kick off, yes ,the Elm log was not cleaved, yes, it still contains the pith in the centre, but, this thing was so well seasoned it was harder than concrete and even after turning it on the lathe, it hasn't split one iota, plus it was all i had available to me that was even slightly suitable in the wood pile, please bear in mind, I'm only just starting to turn items on the lathe, my normal craft, being spoon, spatula and general hand carved projects.

I have to put out a big thank you to a mate of mine (Adam) for sending me the gouge and parting tool I'm now using, what a difference using the right tools for the job has made.

To answer some of the emails and comments i received on this lathe i built, this is a hand powered lathe, if i had wanted a pole or other type of foot powered lathe i would have built one of those in the first place, the whole idea behind this lathe is it's and is based, in part, on a bow lathe that was demonstrated by Treewright in his video on You Tube.