Thursday, 16 September 2010

Spoon Carving

Thought id show a picture of one of my latest spoons, i wanted a new eating spoon for when I'm out and about, so i grabbed a piece of cherry wood from the pile and carved this.


Not that long ago, all of my spoons had a sanded finish, at the moment though I've swung towards the, tooled, finish camp, i must admit to quite liking it, i do find thowever, that some spoons look miles better with a sanded finish,whereas others, such as this one are better suited to a tooled finish,  i suppose it very depends on the what the spoon will be used for, the tooled finish does look good though, and i suppose in many ways it is more traditional, as in the past the craftsmen of the day didn't have sand paper as we know it,to finish spoons with, and the spoons were left with the tooling marks in place.