Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Web Guru's & Mostie Posties

Yep, they do my head in, mostie posties and self proclaimed guru's, there is no reasoning with them, their word is final, well they like to think it is and by God, don't ever disagree with them whatever you do, or you will be branded a liar and a trouble maker.

Having my own blog, means i have control of what is posted here and I cant get called out by the "mostie posties", who seem to think a high post count on a forum equals or indeed demands a high level of respect, these along with the self proclaimed "guru's" that seem to frequent many places on the web these days, when will they realise that respect is earned not given?.

The guru's and mostie posties have it in their heads, that they are the Internet police, their standard response to someone who doesn't agree with them, or where they don't understand the facts, is to bait them with a view to them getting them banned for being Trolls or trouble makers when they retaliate and try to defend themselves, sure there are some people out there, whose main purpose on a forum is to cause trouble and rock the boat and these "Trolls" deserve everything they get.

Whilst 99% of forums are privately owned, they do in general, allow for a certain level of free speech, within the rules of course, but, these people have it in their heads that performing a Google search and then doing a straight copy of an article they found on the Internet and pasting it into a new thread and calling it their own work (yes, I've seen that done) is an acceptable way to proclaim your expertise, well, in my opinion, if you have to do this then all you are doing is cheating yourself and holding yourself and your skill level in pretty low esteem.

The only real way to demonstrate your skill level, is to have actually tried to do what is being discussed, so what if you fail?, in my book there is no such thing as failure, just a learning experience, so give it another go and keep trying until you succeed, then and only then do you have the right to tell people they are doing it wrong or that trying something slightly different may produce a better result, not by reading others accounts of it in books or on forums and then proclaiming to have the knowledge yourself without actually having tried it in the first place.

Similarly someone doing a review of an item they got in the post that morning and proclaiming how good and great the item is just makes me laugh, how the heck can you review an item that you have not used - beggers belief doesn't it?, if you are going to review an item, at least get outside and use it for a little while so you can discover it's strengths and weaknesses, before you make a fool of yourself on the Internet, oh of course, they couldn't possibly do this, as this would mean actually having to posses some knowledge.
In addition to being self proclaimed Internet Police and regardless of what others think and have achieved in their lives and, for the main, are more than happy to share the knowledge they have gained through bitter experience, the guru's and mostie posties on the other hand like to think they know more about it than you do, or probably ever will know,  in fact such is their level of "understanding", they have probably forgotten more than you will ever know, this is of course what they want you to think, but in reality they  have achieved this apparent  "superior"  level of knowledge without even leaving the comfort of their air conditioned or centrally heated houses and by passing off others work and experiences as their own,  what a truly sad sad way to live your life.

To all the Guru's and Mostie Posties that will read this, if you think this is aimed at you, then you are probably right, if you think it's not aimed at you, then you are probably wrong.