Friday, 14 January 2011

Cherry Bowl

I spent a few days last August making this bowl from the lower section of a Cherry Trunk, the lip of bowl is actually the buttress from the tree, all i have done is to turn it upside down, making the bottom of the tree, the top of the bowl.

I got a bit carried away with carving it and totally forgot to take any in progress pictures, the entire piece was hand carved and hollowed using gouges, chisels, crook knife, spoon knives, pick knives and a sheath knife, i have since added a couple of finishing touches such as a felt base and have given it a few more coats of polish,the bowl was fine sanded to 1000 grit, gone over with fine wire wool, the base has a good dose of clear varnish to fill and help reduce cracking, the bowl itself has so far had six coats of bees wax polish inside & out with a further couple of coats to come.

Making this was hard work as it was a semi seasoned log, great fun to make though and the end result is pleasing to say the least.

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