Sunday, 16 January 2011

Elm Eating Spoon

Eating spoon made from well seasoned Elm, it was like carving Iron at times, although i did make it hard for myself by electing to leave three knots in the bowl of the spoon, because i thought they would look nice, don't think i was wrong either.

Despite the spoon being full of knots, it isn't going to split or crack as the log it came from was more than well seasoned, i think Elm seasoned or green is one of my favourite woods for effect as the grain patterns you get are incredible, it's one of my least favourite for effort though, hard work at the best of times.

As per most of my recent spoonage, the spoon is fine carved/faceted rather than sanded, and despite it looking a bit rough in places it's actually very smooth, it's a bit of an optical illusion due to the nature of the grain.

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