Saturday, 1 January 2011

The First Finished One

The first finished spoon of 2011 that is, this is the one i started making yesterday, i spent a couple of hours this morning doing some fine carving on it to finish it off, I had a few comments from people who wanted to know more about a "tooled" finish, so for your viewing pleasure, here is a brief explanation.

Firstly, the idea is not to sand the spoon, but to get a fine knife and remove hundreds if not thousands of tiny shavings from the spoon, like i said in a previous post, this can take longer than carving the blank out in the first place, below is a representative sample from the pile of finishing shavings for this spoon.

and you just keep going over and over and over the spoon until you get a finish you are happy with (by the way, I'm never 100% happy with anything i make like this), eventually though with a bit of patience, you get something that has a nice feel and look to it, like this


I have not taken the finish on this one as fine as i could as it's a user (for me for a change), so as long as it's smooth and comfortable it's job done, all i have to do now is oil it up with some Tung Oil and the job's a good un.

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