Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Gallery - A Craftsmans Shop Front.

No, it's not a new picture library or the like, it's the name of a new shop in my local town, that has been set up purposely to cater for local artisans and hobby crafts people.

I popped into the shop earlier today, pictured left, on my way back from the hardware shop after buying a litre of Tung Oil, albeit this is not a photo i took today, it's a photo of the exact location when it was an Off Licence not that long ago, but it shows the size of the shop, i also got rid of the Off Licence name and put the new name on it, I'll replace the above photo asap with a proper one showing the place as it is now.

Speaking with the gentleman who was in the shop earlier, it was set up to provide an outlet for local craftsmen & women who cant afford their own shop, the shop itself has a number of pine shelving units of differing heights around the shop and you as a craftsman can rent as much or as little space as you want, ranging from a single shelf to multiple floor standing shelving units, rents are done on a fortnightly basis, i did enquire into  the costs and it is very reasonable, how about £6.00 per week for the basic package ranging up to whatever you can afford basically.

Once you have paid your rent for the space you want, that's it, no further costs, if you have a spoon on sale for lets say £10.00 and they sell it, you get the £10.00, you decide your sale point, they look after it for you and sell it on your behalf, anything you sell goes straight to you, it's a very clever concept, as a craftsman you are gaining exposure and selling in a high street location, how many of us can afford that for a start?, the shop owners get paid rent by you and everyone else who is displaying product, but they get their shop stocked for free, by you, so as long as they are making enough to pay the bills and getting people like us to sell items there and pay the rent, then it's a win win situation as i see it.

Further conversation with the chap in the shop even revealed that they are happy to just place a load of business cards on  display, for a small charge, that way if someone say wanted to learn how to knit a jumper or get into watercolour painting they would point them toward the relevant person who has paid for that service.

Certainly today looking at some of the produce in the shop, things in there are very much undervalued, but that's not down to the shop owner, it's down to the individual craftsman to decide what they want to sell something for,  it may seem cheap to me, but they guy or lady selling it, is obviously happy with the asking price.

I'll keep people updated on the shops progress via this blog, and yes, I'm most definitely considering putting some stock down there, the whole concept is so simple, but utterly brilliant.

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