Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mors Kochanski - Try Stick - Part 2

I have received a couple of emails and messages from people who have read my blog asking if i could show photographs not just of the Try Stick as i did in a previous post, but if it was also possible to show detail shots of the cut's and carving on the stick, thankfully, i took a lot of photographs of the stick when i first did it, so, in line with people's requests, here they are. The pictures shown below depict a simple Try Stick, these cuts will serve most purposes  though.

The cuts detailed below are shown in no particular order, but where i can , i have shown side & top views of each cut, some are self explanitory and just dont need that level of detail.



 The completed stick.

Well almost, since making the above stick, i have added one further cut to it

Into which i carved a hole with the tip of my knife

and threaded through some hand made cordage


  1. I will have a go at this at the weekend with my new JLT knife.

  2. Great set of pictures and stick mate. Been meaning to make one of these for ages, so time to crack on i think!