Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Blog - The Victor Hat

I want to keep this blog about being in the outdoors, wood crafts, my trips out, skills & projects etc, rather than let it get filled up with moans and groans, don't worry, there will still be a few, but  these will be in keeping with the subject matter of this blog, rather than general moans and groans.

So  i decided last evening to set up a new blog to cater for all the things that i like to have a moan and groan about, or have just driven me mad with frustration through that particular day (quite a few things do this by the way) anyway, having a moan and groan is good for you, it gets all the pent up frustration of dealing with the idiot brigade, be it face to face or on the Internet, out in the open, and man there are some pure bred idiots out there, some of which, as people will know from my previous posts on Guru's here, seem to think they are the Internet Police and that their god like statements and decisions should not to be challenged in any way shape or form, even if they are wrong, but, hey that's another post, for another day, on another blog.

So, back to the new blog, I've given it a name that my family members will find amusing, but to the layman , basically means nothing.

If you want to know why i chose that name for it, i guess you will just have to go and have a read of the welcome thread i posted over there, clicking on the above picture will take you there, or just use this web address

I'm not sure how often it's likely to get updated, fairly regularly i would guess, as there are lots of things, and indeed lots of people in the world that just plain and simple "drive me nuts".