Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Partial Solar Eclipse

The morning of 4th January 2011 saw the first first partial solar eclipse of the new year, unfortunately despite all the hype surrounding this magnificent display of nature, we were not allowed to view it from my part of the UK as mother nature had decided that it was going to be grey and rainy, hey what;s new?, it's the UK and it's Winter, was a real shame though as the next partial eclipse that is visable from here is not until 2015 now.

The photo to the left is one that i took back in August 2008, using specialist equipment i hasten to add, like a proper sun filter that was attached to my astronomical telescope and using a digiscoping mount on my camera to align the shot on the rear screen on the camera, rather than peering through an eye piece, it goes without saying and i will reiterate it here - NEVER EVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN, NOT THROUGH A SCOPE OR BINOCULARS OR EVEN WITH THE NAKED EYE, it's a sure fire way to go blind and you will go blind as lets face it, you are looking directly into a nuclear reactor!!.

Although i wasn't able to photograph, or even see the eclipse this morning, a quick search of the Internet, will reveal a number of stunning photographs that were taken by people around the world of this event.

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