Saturday, 19 February 2011

Bamboo Pots

A while ago i was given a huge length of big bamboo by a friend of mine, the question has always been what to make with it?, so far we have made a couple planters, vases etc and a couple of spoon and spatula holders for the kitchen, all pretty simple stuff to be honest.

Yesterday we spent some time in the workshop making some more pots from the Bamboo (we still have half of it left) and today we finished them off, these are just some of the ones we made, a taller one and two smaller squatter ones, the bigger one is going in the kitchen to hold more of the spoon and spatula collection, the two smaller ones i will use when i do demo's and shows for holding stuff to give away to the kids or for charity collections, the small pot pictured with the bamboo, is the sole survivor of my shrink potting from this week, so far, fingers crossed it's holding up ok.

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