Friday, 25 February 2011

Birch Eating Spoon

I made a start on a carving out a Birch spoon on our trip to the woods yesterday, the wood came from a fallen branch/top of a tree as i don't like to cut trees down for the sake of making a spoon, the only time i will cut a living tree is if it's Ash, Willow or Hazel as these will grow back as a coppice stand and will give me materials for years to come.

Ive been asked in the past why & how i make the necks of my spoons so narrow, the main reason i make them like that, apart from the obvious aesthetic aspect, is because if you think about a spoon, all of the weight on it when you use it, is in the vertical plane, meaning that the neck of the spoon can be made very narrow and pleasing to the eye, but the vertical aspect needs that little extra thickness to give the strength, the neck of the spoon pictured is 4/16" wide, but 7/16" deep, i tend make the handles flat and wide, as i find the ergonomics to be more comfortable to cook and eat with. 


  1. That is nice how narrow the neck looks. If you don't mind me asking, how does Willow carve green for spoons?

  2. I love carving green willow, one of my favourites to carve, very easy and forgiving