Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Carving Chisels

Just had a bit of a score on some small detail chisels, up until recently i have been using my Dad's old chisels and, well they are a bit past their prime, but they are also probably at least 40-50 years old, will see about bringing them back to life as best i can though,.

So i ordered some new chisels from an online retailer, to be honest I was expecting some "standard" run of the mill chisels to arrive, probably with blunt blades and poor handles, as seems to be the norm these days on so many things, well none of that applies, OK, the blades are not as thick  as the old chisels of the same type as i have been using, but to be honest these are really not  bad at all,  the cutting edges are wicked sharp right out of the box and the handles, which i think are Birch, are smooth and comfortable to use, has to be said, these are certainly one of my better purchases.

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