Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Crooked Knife

I received a small package through the post this morning, upon opening it i found a Crooked knife blade  sitting there from Adam at JLT Knives.

We were talking about these the other day and Adam kindly made and sent me a blade so that i could handle it myself, we had discussed stick tangs and all sorts of options for mounting the blade in a handle, Adam was right though a couple of holes in the tang allows for a multitude of different options, you can mount it on the top, at the bottom or if you are clever in the middle if your chosen handle material, i decided to mount this particular blade on the bottom of the handle, my handle material for this particular project being English Elm and well seasoned Elm at that.

The handle on this knife i made fairly cylindrical as i want to use this particular blade for bowl and pot carving, i have up until now used my other Crooked Knife, but the handle shape on that is a more akin to the Mocotaugan shape and style and in some grips it doesn't work too well or is just down right uncomfortable to use, whereas having a more or less symmetrical handle will make it suitable for a multitude of different grips, i did however add a thumb ramp so i can still use the knife in it's more traditional orientation as a single handed draw knife.

Adam will be making these available (Blade only, you have to make your own handle) in the near future, so if you want to get on the list for one of these, get in quick, more info from, more info on the Mocotaugan here


  1. Got one of these from Adam at JLT Knives through the post the other week and have only just started to fit the handle. It's going very well thus far and after a bit of shaping and sanding it should be ready to put the whipping on. Firstly, would 18/5 linen thread be suitable and secondly, would an ordinary whipping knot be suitable. I often whip the ends of braided lanyards to keep them from fraying and imagine the crooked knife would require just a large version of one of these knots. Thanks again.

  2. Linen thread should be fine, it's similar to he cordage i used and that was then just finished off with a bog standard whipping knot, the same way as you would finish the whipping on a fishing rod ring.

    Ive used my JLT Crook knife a lot and the standard whipping knot as stood the test of time so far, i suppose you could dab small amount of epoxy on the knot to help secure it firther though.