Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Garden Gun

A good friend of mine popped round home yesterday, tucked under his arm was a gun slip, he promptly gave it to me and said "that's for the boys", so after we had sat around chin wagging and setting the world right for a good couple of hours and my friend had gone home, i opened the slip up and there in front of me was a Westlake B2 Air Rifle in .22.

A lot of shooters and casual garden plinkers are familiar of this rifle, it's cheap Chinese garden gun and it gets a lot of bad press and reviews, sure if you are used to using an S410 or other PCP or high end springer, then sure this gun is not much cop, but give me a break, i mean does it matter that much, it's a garden gun that costs thirty quid, it's not a serious hunting rifle like an Air Arms or HW, i had a play with this in the garden earlier and at 30 yards i was getting a half inch group using Accupels in it, that's perfectly good enough for me for a plinker and short range vermin gun, if this is used for vermin control for things like rats, it wont be fired at 30 yards anyway, more like 15 yards.

Back to the rifle, when i got it it was, as you would expect, not of a high standard of finish, so this morning, i got out the wire wool and linseed oil and gave the stock a really good going over, now instead of being lumpy bumpy, it's as smooth as silk, I'm going to disassemble the gun at some point and spend some time getting the inside of the stock up to scratch as well, but not today, 'cos i wanted to go and play, so i grabbed a tin of pellets, set up the pellet trap and zeroed the scope, by the way, the  scope pictured attached to it I already had here, for reference they are 4x30 Simmons (cheap, but good enough for what the boys want)  they were not part of the gift from my friend, before i did anything else, i checked the guns power, any respectable air gun shooter knows or should know what their guns run at, chrono's are cheap enough these days, so there really is no excuse, so i got the Chrono out and ran a dozen shots through it, the average power from the 12 shots  i took was 8ft/lb, i think that works out at roughly 460 fps i think?.

I thought that type of power was quite good for such a cheap rifle and at 8ft/lb it's comparable on power to my old BSA Meteor that i use for my own garden plinking, and the Meteor these days is a £180.00 gun, OK, back to the B2, yes it's cheap, yes the finish is pretty bad, as i mentioned above, i shall take this apart soon to do the stock, but i shall also deburr the spring and give the mechanical components a good clean up, while I'm at it, the one thing that is impressive on this gun is the fact that it's all metal, even the iron sights are, well, iron and the barrel is rifled to boot, the one thing i don't like is the lack of a safety catch, but in my mind the shooter is the ultimate safety catch, right?.

I can see the boys having a lot of fun with this rifle, sure it's not a full on hunting rifle by any stretch of the imagination, but it also wasn't designed as a hunting air gun,  if we want to go bunny hunting we will use my HW97,  but for short range vermin control it will do the job just perfectly i think, two very lucky boys and a very nice mate of mine to give this to them, he wouldn't even take anything for it, all he would say is "you have done enough things for me over the years, allow me to do this!", who am i to argue.

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