Saturday, 26 February 2011

Home Made Draw Knife

I was thinking earlier today about the design of the Mora Draw Knife, think it's the Model #220, then it occurred to me that i can make one, or at least one that is very similar, when you think of it, the Mora Draw Knife is basically a double handled Triflex depth blade, so remember that HVK i did the destruction tests on?, well i still have it, so i knocked the handle off and then carefully inserted the tip section of an "unharmed" HVK into the old handle, which gives me albeit, a small, but perfectly usable narrow draw knife, the bonus with this knife is, you can take the additional handle off and revert the knife back to a regular everyday knife.


  1. Thats original.

    Heres the one I made based on the Mora.

  2. cheers John, works a treat it does, not a scratch on my proper draw knife though

  3. But its very backpack friendly.