Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Serving Spoons

I've had a bit of time to myself over the past few days, so I set to and carved a couple of BIG serving spoons to give away as gifts to family members, both are from the same Hazel Log,were great fun to carve and it made a pleasant change to carve something this big as normally my spoonage is eating spoon sized.

These spoons have been sanded down, which is a bit of a departure to my normal recent practice of having a faceted finish, i also figured id make these a bit special as they are being given away, so i added some fine carving on the handles, one is a simple flowing line around the handle, which i must admit, i really like, the other is bit more elaborate, they were certainly fun to make, back to normal sized spoons now i guess?.


  1. The handles are lovely on both - unfussy and very pretty. Don't worry about sanding, it's not as if you've lost definition on these spoons, it's just an optional finish and nowt to get hung up over. How did you do the carving on the handles? I've a way to go to match those!

  2. cheers man, the handles were carved using the small chisels i wrote about in the other post i made today