Saturday, 19 February 2011

Shrink Pots (Krympburkar) Revisited

I'm on a real Shrink Pot making binge at the moment, i made three larger ones from a Hazel branch this week, all of them have well seasoned Ash bases, however, only one of them has thus far survived, the first pot to split did so, because i tried to force dry it, the second pot to split did so this morning, at about 9am i looked at it and it was fine, by 10am this morning, it had split from top to bottom on one side.

The other remaining pot, shows no signs of splitting (at the moment), looking at the one that split i think i know why it went though, the Ash base i added, although a nice fit in the groove in the base of the pot, i think was perhaps a little oversize, certainly it went in nice and clean and clicked into position, but i think it was perhaps just a smidgen too large a diameter, and of course as the Hazel shrank, instead of firming up around the base, the pressure grew and grew until such a point that the pot split under the pressure.

Still it gives me an excuse to make some more Shrink Pots later in the week i suppose.

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