Sunday, 13 March 2011

Antler Drill

I've been meaning to make myself one of these for ages ever since my last commercially bought one broke, it's one of those bits of kit that wont get used very often, but when it does it's absolutely priceless.

The drill bit is a 8mm (5/16) wood bit, set into a length of Red Deer antler using good old epoxy, the antler is capped on the end with a piece of cherry from the workshop floor, picture shows the drill alongside a British Army pocket knife for scale.


  1. Great idea this. I have one I bought that is mounted in a file handle but I've plenty antler lying aroung so that'll be the method next time. In fact I may make a few different sizes as I find the 5mm I have indispensible for making lanyard holes in Kuksat and the starting of larger holes that are finished with the knife. Thanks again.

  2. where did you get your antler from

  3. I was given it by a friend who had been on a cull