Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Axe Helve

I decided today to re helve my Kentish pattern axe, well i say re helve, all i wanted to do was change the alignment of the head on the handle so it sat on the helve at a slight angle, more akin to the alignment between head and helve you find on a side axe.

The picture to the left illustrates what i mean, the helve is  now aligned in the axe head so it has a slight sweep to/is angled to the right, being right handed this set up works a whole lot better and it certainly feels a lot more comfortable to use with the handle cranked over, albeit only by about an inch, but it's enough to make it a whole lot more pleasurable to use.


  1. I've never seen that done, except on a broadaxe (what you call a side axe, I presume). I guess for carving, it could have its uses!

  2. Cheers Gorges, you are quite right when you mention carving, that's all this axe is ever going to get used for, so i figured why not make it more comfortable?

  3. Good work mate, I got some more ash the other day for having a go at an Axe Helve. Been meaning to do one for ages.