Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bit of a rant.

This post was going to be a real rant, i was going to post something up at the time the event depicted below happened, but having typed everything in, i thought better of it and deleted the lot.

Having had a few weeks to calm down, i thought i would still voice my opinion and make some comments on the event that spawned this, all i will say is, attack or offend my friends, then you attack and offend me as well, yep that's what i said, I'm as loyal as hell where my friends and family are concerned and if you attack or offend them either over the Internet or in person, then you also attack and offend me, and that is something you probably don't want to do, not that I'm violent, because I'm not, never have been and never will be, I'm a gentle giant, and will respond with a rhetoric that the offending party probably wont understand in the slightest, as they will no doubt respond with profanity and bad language, which to me is the sign of a weak and feeble mind and means they have already lost the arguement.
So what has bought on this outburst then you ask?, well this relates to an incident that happened a few weeks back, I'm not naming names or saying where it happened, but it happened, the incident started when a certain, we will call them a person decided that a post a friend of mine made on a web forum was nothing more than Trolling, it wasn't, even a blind man could see that.

Now, like so many other guru's and keyboard commando's on the web, they all like to think they have all the power in the world and can get away with going on a power trip at every available opportunity,  after all they have to flex their virtual muscles now and again you know,  i don't know about you, but I'm not impressed by people flexing their muscles on the Internet, if you have something to say, say it to my face, otherwise - shut up.

During the incident in question and without going into too much detail, it was OK for another member and friend of the Guru to make some religious slurs against a certain section of the community, but when my friend made a post that had no racist, political, religious or anti content whatsoever, he was branded a troll and he was being put forward for a banning, all he was doing in fact, was stating the facts -  smacks of double standards to me, but that is the Guru's way after all, Do what i say, not as i do" etc etc etc.
In reality, the Guru's don't like people like my friend, as they have the knowledge and have gained it through experience and they have this really nasty habit of showing up the Guru's and that is the truth of the matter, they Guru's don't like to be shown up, when they are, they try every trick in the book, including baiting  people to get the truly knowledgeable people banned or excluded and basically "out of the way".

Thankfully, my friend is still a member of the forum and i have warned him and a few of my other friends of this person, as it was my duty as a friend to do, the silly thing is, my friend is the most unlikely Internet troll you could ever come across, the truth of the matter is a Guru doesn't like to be shown up, and  boy  this one has been been shown up a few times now, they are just too stupid to realise it.

The really funny thing is, the vast majority of people on this particular forum also realise this person is a fraud of the highest degree, i think we are all waiting for the day, this particular Guru gets found out by the forum owner, (surely he must realise what this Guru is all about), or hope the owner gets so many complaints about said Guru, that he has no choice but to ban the idiot and give him a taste of his own medicine, i and i know other members of the forum cannot believe this idiot has been allowed to stay on for so long and get away with so much, if only people would open their eyes, they would soon see who the real instigator of many of the problems on this particular forum is.

So yes, next time you want to attack or offend my friends, just bear in mind, you attack or offend them, then you also attack and offend me and you probably dont want to do that!


  1. It seems that many forums, and anywhere comments and opinions can be made, have these types. Sometimes it's very hard to ignore them, even though you know they are a troll. Hopefully this particular "guru" will gu somewhere else. ;)

  2. Too true ST, hopefully the owner of said forum will wake up and smell the coffee one day and understand how this one particular individual is destroying a lot of the trust and good will that used to be felt and shown amongst the members of the forum and has already been the reason why a lot of good quality, knowledgable people have left, im just hoping that by giving this twat enough rope, he will eventually have enough to hang himself with, and i know a lot of the other members feel the same way.

  3. On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog - but everyone knows you're a tool. Which forum was it? Not my favourite I hope.

  4. Yeah I'm curious as to which it was as well... But understand if you want to keep it quiet as to not make waves.

  5. Im not going to publish where it happened chaps, ive said my piece above and i just hope the twat concerned reads my blog :-).