Friday, 4 March 2011

Gathering Materials

We enjoyed a day up the woods today, amongst tracking Deer, following Badger paths and watching the Buzzards soar overhead, i wanted to collect some Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) to replenish my wood pile at home, it's become a little short of Ash since i started the Fan & Bird carving.

So today armed with a big Karrimor Sabre rucksack and a saw, i set to and felled an Ash, not an overly large one but certainly big enough to give me an ample supply of materials for the foreseeable future, in the picture to the left you can see me sawing the tree into sections, albeit the section I'm cutting there is shorter than the rest i trimmed off, if anyone knows Ash trees i guess they will be able to figure out how tall this one was by the diameter of the log in the picture, rather than waste too much, i trimmed and hauled out all the usable wood, right down to stuff  about an inch in diameter, after all, waste not want not and as the tree sacrificed itself for me, the least i can do is to put as much of it as possible to good use, being an Ash though, it will grow back, oh and yes the hillside i was on, really is as steep as it looks in the photograph, I'm just glad that when it was time to leave, i went down hill carrying the logs, rather than up the hill.

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