Wednesday, 16 March 2011

More Fan Birds

Ive been preoccupied with making fan birds lately, as you may have guessed from the number of post i made on these earlier in the month, in fact i think I'm addicted to making them, but by following the advice given to me on the manufacture of these, i think I'm making progress in getting significantly thinner feathers and therefore more of them, i did wander off the path a bit as i confused myself by reading up on Fan Birds and i think i absorbed so much information, some of which was contradictory, that i lost sight of what i was doing, so i took a step back and thought about what i was doing, and things seem to be heading int he right direction again, certainly some of the birds I'm producing now are far far better than those i was making 2 weeks ago.

It has to be said that at times i still struggle to get a good number of feathers made and at one point most of the feathers were falling out as i made them, looking at what i was doing different i soon realised that i was taking the hinge point far too thin before i spent the time riving the feathers, again a re-evaluation of what i was doing soon saw this problem rectified and now i don't take the hinge line down as far as i was before riving the wood, all i need to do now is practice, practice and practice some more, oh yes, this picture shows some of the practice I've done recently.....

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