Monday, 28 March 2011

Paintings For Sale

I'm putting these up on behalf of my dad, a series of water colour paintings and pencil drawings that he does to "pass the time" bear in mind my father is 75 years old and disabled with deteriorating health.

He sells these to supplement his pension, all of the below are offered for sale WITHOUT frame, priced at £20.00 each including Paypal and postage worldwide, size of picture is approx 8x10 Inches.


Sparrow Hawk


Merlin (Pencil)
Pochard (Pencil)
Green Woodpecker

Blue Tits (Frame Not Included)

Shoveller (Frame Not Included)

Perch (Frame Not Included)

Oyster Catcher (Frame Not Included)

Floral Display (Frame Not Included)

Green Woodpecker Floral Border (Frame Not Included)
Porpoise Floral Border (Frame Not Included)

If you would like to purchase any one of the above paintings or drawing then please drop me a line via email kepisbushcraft @ and i can send you a Paypal invoice, payments accepted in GBP ONLY, Paypal will convert the amount to your local currency though to make life easier.

Thanks for looking.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty good lookin ´, i like that Perch a lot.