Monday, 14 March 2011

Project Leuku - Part 3

I eventually got round to working some more on the Leuku project today, first job was to split a nice bit of Elm (not the easiest of woods to split), then using  a combination of draw & push knives, along with a couple of spoke shaves and some coarse sand paper i took worked the inner face of the Elm flat.

Once this had been done i drew around the shape of the tang and then carefully chiseled out a 1/16" recess in each half, checking the fit against the tang on a regular basis, once this was done it was time to bond it all together using some strong epoxy and then get it all clamped up with a liberal coating of epoxy on all of  the surfaces, the picture shows the blade and handle blank all clamped up as tight as possible, I'm just waiting for the resin to set properly before moving onto the next stage of the build, which will be to carefully carve the handle to shape and then the sanding begins.

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  1. Interesting, I never thought of doing a rat tail in this way, I always assumed they'd be stacked handles.