Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Project Leuku - Part 4

I made some progress on the Leuku project today, this time i turned my attention the the sheath that came with the Leuku, i had thought about making a nice leather sheath for it, but in the end i decided it was better to retain the wooden sheath for a couple of reasons, the main one being it's part of the Leuku's history, after all my mate out in Norway made the sheath and i thought it would be nice to continue using it.

All i have done to the sheath is to sand it down and remove the wood stain that had been applied using various grits of sandpaper, finishing on 2500, the sheath was then given a liberal dose of Linseed oil to help protect it and bring out the colour of the wood, all i have to do now is to devise a carrying method and i have an idea for that in my minds eye already , I also need to devise a method of blade retention, but i have a cunning plan for that as well.

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