Thursday, 17 March 2011

Project Leuku - Part 6

I did a bit more work on the Leuku today, this time concentrating on the sheath, I've elected to go with a variation of the original retention method, but I've also incorporated an adjustable carry strap into the mix

The retention method is just by friction, but it's enough to stop the blade slipping out of the sheath, plus it's the original method employed by my friend as well, all I've done is to bring four loops of 550 cord through the two holes that were already in the sheath from when it was first made, these four loops bunch up enough on the front of the sheath and provide enough friction on the handle of the knife to stop it moving, to avoid cutting a length of 550, i made a double sliding knot on the cord, this gives me an adjustable "shoulder strap", but if i need it, i also have about 10-15ft of cord with me, i also added half a dozen or so pieces of bicycle inner tube over the sheath to give me an option of using the rubber for fire lighting in the wet, but also as a place to carry stuff on the sheath and a way to secure rod and sticks for carrying should i collect some when I'm out and about.

Before anyone mentions it, yes i am aware of the dangers of having a doubled up length of 550 round my neck, but i don't intend running around the woods with this on my side, it's going to get used as a camp knife, so will be hung off a tree in the main, if i do want to walk around with it, the cord tucks under the bands and i can carry the sheath off my belt on a bog standard leather dangler loop.


  1. You did a great job, I just found your blog through Belfast Bush craft and he is right, you do wonderful work and make it look so easy.