Sunday, 27 March 2011

Red Kite

Stock photo - NOT taken by me.
This actually happened a couple of days ago, i was out in the garden having a coffee and just happened to look up, don't know why or what made me do it, but I'm glad i did, because overhead at perhaps only 50ft altitude was a Red Kite, and only the sixth Red Kite I've ever seen in my life.

Whilst i appreciate the Kites are doing really well in other parts of the country, where i live (South Downs National Park), they are still a bit of a rarity, although i do know of one nesting pair not too many miles from where i live, I'm assuming therefore that this bird was from that site, of course it may not be - lets hope so, certainly it's the first time I've seen one this far south, normally we sit in the garden and watch anything up to a dozen Buzzards soaring overhead, along with Sparrow Hawks, it's quite common to have a Sparrow Hawk in the garden, we also see the odd Kestrel, although the Kestrels are not as common around here as they used to be, certainly though in the past few years there has been a massive increase in the number of larger Birds of Prey around the area.


  1. Wow, such gorgeous, impressive and utterly amazing birds. I've seen a few at Loch Ken whilst canoeing which inspired my user name but to see one above my own back garden would truly something. There are a few Buzzards in the area and very occasionally there'll be a Sparrow Hawk staking out the gardens but nothing so wonderful as a Kite. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. We have loads of Buzzards around here now, although ten ytears or so ago, they were as rare as the Red Kites are at the moment, im really hoping the Kites are as successful as the Buzzards in their breeding as i could watch them for hours